New youth girls regional teams revealed

Wed, Mar 8, 2023, 2:01 AM
Rugby Vic Media
by Rugby Vic Media

To mark International Women’s Day, Rugby Victoria’s newly establish youth girls competition has today confirmed the identity of its four regional teams.

In a landmark moment that will provide a clear pathway for young female rugby players across Victoria, four newly conceived regional teams will service the north, south, east and western areas of the state.

Woorowoor from the Northern region, Beek representing the West, Waring from the South and Treang drawing from the Eastern catchment, will be the four zones housing youth girls teams in the u/15s and u/18s competitions.

Rugby Victoria’s Women and Girl’s Rugby Coordinator Meretiana Robinson, sees the occasion as an important stepping stone in the women’s game.

“There is now a clear identity attached to each of these regional teams that will be contesting the Silei Etuale Shield and Cup,” stated Robinson.

“Having something tangible like a name and emblem is an important tool in helping rugby resonate with our young women.

“I’m really proud of the fact we were able to draw upon such powerful indigenous themes when it came to the look and feel of these new teams, and those design concepts will carry across into the jersey designs as well.”

Designed by local rugby player Katie Bugden of the Wiradjuri and Kamilaroi people, the designs acknowledge the unique landscape of the regions each of the four teams represent.

A driving force behind the naming of the teams was Dean Duncan, who has played a pivotal role with National Indigenous Programs for over two decades.

“The emblems are absolutely wonderful, and each of them capture the region the teams represent,” explained Duncan.

“This creates a sense of belonging and connection to the region and community each team identifies with.

For Duncan, the opportunity to help shape the identity of Victoria’s newest clubs was an opportunity close to his heart.

“Being passionate and proud as an Aboriginal man of the Kamilaroi nation, but living and working on Wurundjeri Country, I want to always educate rugby circles on the land on which we play our game.

“This goes all the way to the Wallabies and our test matches played across the country.

The jersey designs for the four team’s will be revealed in coming weeks.

Origins of the new team names
Northern/Sky - Woorowoor (woo-row-oar)

As we move further North in the state, we move away from the artificial lighting of major towns and cities, which result in a clearer sky and provides our people with a greater ability to navigate around the country.

Affiliated clubs: Footscray, Eltham, Northern Panthers, Melbourne Uni, Shepparton

West/Ground - Beek (beak)

In the West if the state, we recognise the continuing connection to country and larger geographical areas for numerous clans and people. It is on this Ground that our people conduct ceremonies and still recognise sacred sites.

Affiliated clubs: Brimbank, Power House Juniors, Wyndham, Geelong, Melton

South/Sea - Waring (wear-in)

Towards the South, we head towards the ocean and Sea. It is here where our people dwell along the coastal fringes and hold ceremonies which celebrate both the waterways and oceans.

Affiliated clubs: Casey, Endeavour Hills, Southern Districts, Racing, Moorabbin

East/Tree - Treang (tree-ang)

In the East, there are greater mountain ranges and farming lands which are covered by an endless array of Trees and native bush lands which provide our people with bush medicines. This foliage allows our people protection from the elements and helps us build strong foundations for living.

Affiliated clubs: Box Hill, Maroondah, Melbourne, Harlequins, Kiwi Hawthorn


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