Wheelchair Rugby Victoria

Wheelchair Rugby Victoria
Wheelchair rugby is the toughest sport on wheels! It is a fast paced, tactical game for people with a physical disability that affects at least three of their limbs.

Vic Wheelchair Rugby

Since its inclusion to the Paralympic Games in 2000, wheelchair rugby’s popularity has taken off worldwide.

Played on a hardwood basketball court over four, eight minute quarters, two teams battle it out using their specially designed wheelchairs to crash, block and trap their opponents in an attempt to stop them from scoring a goal. A goal is achieved when a player crosses the opposition’s goal line with possession of the ball.

Despite its intensity, wheelchair rugby is a family friendly and accessible sport that all genders can play. The classification system allows players with a wide range of functionality to compete on a level playing field.

Exciting for both players and spectators alike, it incorporates elements of several sports including ice hockey style checking, the ball movement of basketball, the scoring of rugby and the use of a volleyball.  

There are 4 teams that compete in the Protect Victoria Wheelchair Rugby Cup MRUFC Unicorns, Harlequin Rugby Club Melbourne, Box Hill Rugby Union Football Club and Power House Rugby Union Melbourne. 

Want to know more?

If you would like more information about wheelchair rugby, from local training and championships, to state, national and international competitions, contact:

Andrew Harrison

Wheelchair Rugby Coordinator, Disability Sport & Recreation


Sophie Milton

Programs and Participation Coordinator, Disability Sport & Recreation