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Strategic Plan
Rugby Victoria Strategic Plan Summary 2018-2020

Rugby Victoria is governed by a Board of Directors who oversee the strategic direction, governance and risk management frameworks of the Union whilst managing the implementation of business and operational plans and policies. All Board Directors sit across sub-committees which meet regularly. Each committee is delegated specific responsibilities which are detailed in their formal charters.

Our Purpose

To develop, administer and promote Rugby in Victoria while ensuring it is a game for all.

Our Vision

Grow participation and profile of Rugby in Victoria.

Our Values

Respect: What sets us apart

Mateship: The reason we participate

Inclusion: A game for all

Strategic Pillars and Priorities 

Participation, Growth and Pathways
  • Transition participants from school development programs to clubs
  • Improve coach/official development through education and training
  • Provide clear and progressive Elite Pathways for Men/Women in both XV’s and 7’s
  • Maximise opportunities for growth through 7’s, Touch7s and school programs
  • Grow female participation through all formats of the game

  • Develop strong community relationships with key stakeholders
  • Provide greater access to mechanisms of support for club rugby
  • Encourage collaboration amongst member affiliates and facilitate greater interaction for mutual benefit
  • Expand rugby’s reach to representative of Victoria’s growth and diversity

  • Develop a Rugby Victoria marketing and communication strategy
  • Brand awareness and recognition within the community beyond immediate stakeholders
  • Expand Rugby Victoria’s digital growth to communicate to current stakeholders and engage with new audiences
  • Improve the profile of the game by effectively collaborating with the Melbourne Rebels/Rugby Aus. 

Create Excellence in how the Game is Run
  • Secure new revenue through sponsorship, fundraising & govt. funding to assist in the growth & profile of the game
  • Improve processes, systems & communication across all areas of the business
  • Build an external workforce capability and capacity
  • Ensure the pursuit of best practice governance and processes are attained and shared with all relevant stakeholders
  • Find a ‘Home of Rugby’

Rugby Vic Strat Plan