Skevs see breakdown as key to unsettling Geelong Grammar

Wed, May 11, 2022, 8:14 AM
Rugby Vic Media
by Rugby Vic Media

After running rampant in Round 1 of the VSRU, we caught up with St Kevin's 1st XV coach Dan Crompton to see how the perennial favourites are travelling.

Rugby Victoira (RV): After Saturday's result against Marcellin, how's the mood in the camp? What was most pleasing about the performance for you?

Dan Crompton (DC): The squad were pleased with the performance they displayed on Saturday which was a substantial improvement to the quality displayed in our two trial matches.

The most pleasing aspect of Saturday’s performance was the support play when we broke the Marcellin line. There were some excellent individual performances but pleasingly we saw positive contributions from all members of the squad.

RV: What's pleased you most about the development of your squad during preseason?

DC: After only playing 5 games across the last two seasons it was always going to be a challenge to get the players to gel as a squad; however, the progress made by some of the younger members of the squad over the last couple of weeks has been impressive and hopefully a good sign of things to come this season.

RV: Tell us about the leaders in your squad who are driving the standards; who are they and how have you seen them develop?

DC: We are fortunate to have a number of leaders in the group, Captain Ottavio Tuipulotu and Vice Captains Sam Parker and Lachlan De Garis all lead by example on the field taking their performances up a level compared to last season.

These leaders also are responsible for demanding high standards at training. Alex Devilee has been outstanding throughout preseason with his commitment to the gym session and is seeing the benefits of his training transfer to the field.

RV: Heading into Saturday's game against Geelong, where do you want to see improvement this week?

DC: I would like to see the squad continue to work on their ability to provide quick ball from rucks.

This week we will continue to focus on effective clear-outs and maintaining support and connection with the ball carrier so that we can provide our halfback, Pierre Davis, with quick and clear access to the ball.

Despite keeping Marcellin scoreless on Saturday our defensive structure and line speed has room for improvement and will be tested against Geelong on Saturday.  

RV: Which player in this year's group has the potential to be the next Jordan Uelese and represent the Rebels?

DC: Our captain, Ottavio Tuipulotu, is a powerful and dynamic hooker who has plenty of ability.

He should have a promising rugby career ahead of him if he maintains his commitment to improving his game. Ottavio works incredibly hard both on and off the field and is lifting very impressive numbers in the gym.

His two older brothers both had successful stints in the 1st XV during their time at skevs and have both continued to develop after leaving the College. I hope to see Ottavio follow in their footsteps this year and beyond. 


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