Melbourne Grammar keen to put Scotch loss past them

Fri, Jun 3, 2022, 4:07 AM
Rugby Vic Media
by Rugby Vic Media

Melbourne Grammar have returned to the drawing board this week, after falling to Scotch in the annual grudge match last weekend.

We caught up with Melbourne Grammar coach Tumai Edwards to see how his team has responded since their round four loss, as they prepare to tackle Trinity at home this weekend.

Rugby Victoria (RV): Always dissappointing to lose to Scotch, but how's the mood in the camp? What positives can you take out of the game? 

Tumai Edwards (TE): It’s always hard when you lose a big game, but Ellis Meachem (co-coach) and I were very pleased with the boy’s effort.

The start wasn’t the best but credit to Scotch, they came out firing and executed a great game plan.

RV:What's pleased you most about the development of your squad this season? 

TE: We have a very young squad, this year’s focus was development, getting these boys basic skills up to a high standard and the understanding of the game, we are always learning and improving each session.

RV: Tell us about the leaders in your squad who are driving the standards. Who are they and how have you seen them develop? 

TE: Captains Darcy and Rupert have set high standards for the team to follow, they are well respected amongst their team and lead the way on game day.

RV: Heading into Saturday's game against Trinity, where do you want to see improvement this week? 

TE: We didn’t execute our set piece too well against Scotch College and our ball carries into contact were weak, we struggled to get into our game plan of the back of too many mistakes, so this weekend we will focus on the basics and playing what’s in front of us.

RV: Any players in this year's group that have the potential to play professionally?

TE: Any of these players in this group can play at a high level, it comes downs to determination and who really wants to put in the hard work.

Grammar face Trinity this Saturday in Round 5 of the VSRU competition.


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