Alltel Insight - Say Cheese: The Southern Districts Pirates on re-thinking their 2020 Team Photos

by Rugby Vic Media

In the absence of rugby team photos this year, the Southern District Pirates are getting creative.

Inspired by a Japanese girls high school rugby team running a similar initiative on Instagram, the Club are putting the call out to their members to send through their ‘COVID-Team’ photos.

Southern Districts Rugby Club President, Travis de Gelder explains that a ‘COVID-Team’ is comprised of “the people who are getting us through this difficult period” and are not necessarily members of the same rugby team.

Having collected the photos for a few weeks now, the initiative has been deemed a raging success with followers of the Club’s Facebook page describing the photoshoots as “thinking outside of the square” and as being “very thoughtful”.

“We have had about 2 dozen families and players send through pictures so far," said Travis, whose family has also featured in the digital photo album.

"We are still hoping to receive more.

"Players, families, volunteers, Life Members are all welcome and encouraged to send in their pictures and be included."

The photos are proudly posted on the Southern Districts Facebook page each week and feature junior and senior players, representatives of their Masters team, mums and dads, brothers and sisters and even four-legged friends posing in backyards beside trampolines and swing sets – of course, all dressed in their best blue and gold attire. Despite being a just a bit of fun, Travis explains that the photoshoots are also a way for the Club to keep a record of the 2020 season and as a means to stay connected to their members during this time.

“We have so many players, coaches and volunteers that have put so much effort into the year that we did not want there to be a gap in our club history,” said Travis.

When asked what the Club will do with these photos, Travis says “we have floated a few ideas. Some of them involved putting the photos together into a collage that we could then display in the clubhouse or to digitise them onto the website.”

For those hoping to get involved, Travis has a few tips for you.

“I think a couple of things go a long way to making a good team photo, with personality being top of the list," said Travis.

"You don't have to be sitting down or postured like in our normal photos. 

"Just relax and be yourself.”

For more information about the Southern Districts COVID-Team photo initiative, please email Travis at

To view the full ‘COVID-Team’ Photo Album, visit the Souths’ Facebook page click here