Athletic Performance Mentorship

by Rugby Vic Media

Mentorship programme supported by Athletic Performance department to guide and support your experience.

A curriculum-based education programme linked with 10 modules’ over the year that the 2019-2020 placement group meet with internal and external to, to expand their knowledge both from a technical and professional skills perspective.


 12 months (starting October 2019 to October 2020)


We envisage the successful candidate being available for three sessions a week to gain maximum benefit from the curriculum based educational and mentorship programme.There is flexibility within the contact days and hours per week, but individual placement schedules should as much as possible be optimised to gain exposure at key training times/days. The exact hours per week to be discussed, but may include operating outside normal office hours, at evenings and weekends and on Public Holidays*


Head of Athletic Development – Academy MAIN ACTIVITIES: Undertake mentoring programme leading to the development of specific skills and knowledge required to be a high-performance S&C coach.

Observe and shadow the S&C team as part of a structured personal development plan and capture a reflective log to allow learning and discussion.

Develop an effective technical and behavioural coaching skill set through targeted learning experiences and reflective practice.

Gain knowledge in the process of carrying out appropriate testing and monitoring of athletes’ physical qualities based on a sports performance model.

A successful S&C placement will be skilled in developing relationships, as part of a team and enjoy collaborating with colleagues. They will have good communication skills and be comfortable in small or large group settings. They will need a high attention to detail and be comfortable in setting specific guidelines to optimise their development and learning. The successful S&C placement will be able to prioritise their own schedule in order to achieve learning outcomes. They will be proactive in leading their development and be willing to consistently reflect on their learning journey.


  • ASCA level 1with desire to gain ASCA level 2.
  • Experience Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint.
  • First Aid.

Previous experience in team sports (1-2 years desirable).

To Apply please send your CV to