U14/U16 School Rugby 7s State Championships

by Rugby Vic Media

The U14/U16 School Rugby 7s State Championships was held at Box Hill Rugby Club this week with 22 teams from 12 schools competing throughout the day from three regions.

We would like to congratulate all participating schools in what was an exciting day of rugby 7s, with beautiful sunny conditions compared to many of our other gala days this year. All games were competitive and illustrated why all teams had progressed from regional finals. We look forward to having even more schools involved next year in our Gala Days and seeing the talent continue to grow in the current competition.

Congratulations to the following teams who were crowned our State Champions in 2018:

U14 GIRLS: Fountain Gate SC (East)

U14 BOYS: Tarneit P-9 College (West)

U16 GIRLS: Fountain Gate SC (East)

U16 BOYS: Fountain Gate SC (East)

On behalf of the Development Team we would like to thank all staff, referees and volunteers who helped with the running of the day and particularly extend our gratitude to the schools, teachers and players for participating in this event.

A big thank you must go to Tilly Vlok and her team of helpers from Box Hill Rugby Club!


U14 GIRLS 1st: Fountain Gate SC

2nd: Presentation College Windsor

3rd: Tarneit P-9 College

4th: The Grange

5th: Hazel Glen College

GRAND FINAL: Fountain Gate SC 33 def Presentation College Windsor 7


U16 GIRLS 1st: Fountain Gate SC

2nd: Tarneit P-9 College

3rd: St Albans SC

4th: Epping SC

5th: The Grange

6th: St Peters College

GRAND FINAL: Fountain Gate SC 31 def Tarneit P-9 College 0


U14 BOYS 1st: Tarneit P-9 College

2nd: Sunshine College

3rd: Fountain Gate SC

4th: Hazel Glen College

5th: Trinity Grammar

6th: Epping SC

GRAND FINAL: Tarneit P-9 College 17 def Sunshine College 7


U16 BOYS 1st: Fountain Gate SC

2nd: The Grange

3rd: Epping SC

4th: Melton SC 5th: St Albans SC

GRAND FINAL: Fountain Gate SC 28 def The Grange 10