Ice Breakers: Why our Victorian Women think they will claim silverware in Adelaide

Wed, Sep 28, 2022, 8:08 AM
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by Rugby Vic Media
Bus Buddies: Marilyn and Yvonne (photo by Arvie Snitch)
Bus Buddies: Marilyn and Yvonne (photo by Arvie Snitch)

The Victorian Women’s team have cited an unbreakable culture as the key reason they can take out the Australian Rugby Shield in Adelaide.

A hectic nine hour bus ride to Adelaide punctuated by tunes, TikToks and tall tales has accelerated the cohesion in a group that has a high expectation.

“We’re a pretty rowdy bunch of girls,” laughs Western Districts star Yvonne Savea.

“But we all support each other really well.

“The girls over the last two weeks in particular, have come together really well and we’re just excited to get out there and go now.

“As an ice breaker at training for warm ups, we always have to pair up with someone we don’t know and someone in the same position from a different club.

“It ‘s allowed us to gel really quickly.”

Coach Greg Fergus will certainly hope his training field tricks have fast-tracked the synergy within his side, as the team find themselves up against the Australian Defence Force in the competition opener.

Savea though, is in no doubt the preparation at training has been spot on.

“It’s definitely a step up from what we’ve experienced at club level.,” reflected Savea.

“For one thing, there’s just more coaches around and every little part of training is timed. You finish a drill and immediately you’re onto the next one, before you even catch your breath.”

Northern Panthers utility Marilyn Elder is in firm agreement.

“The standard is just higher and the intensity is much higher, but what I really noticed was the level of comms at training - it’s much higher,” observed Elder.

“The girls here are just so talented. Obviously only the the best of the best from each club have been picked.

“Everyone can carry and I think that’s a real strength of ours.

“We’re pretty confident (in our chances). Just comparing where we were a few weeks a go to where we are now, it feels like we have really come together now as a team.

“Even outside of training you can see the girls are going out of their way to help each other and I know that’s going to help us during games when we need to go the extra mile to win.”

The Victorian Women kick off their tournament against the Australian Defence Force on Thursday, September 29 at 4:30pm


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